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Supurna Sinha
Associate Professor
Office phone : 948083 6229
Email : supurna
Webpage : www.rri.res.in/~supurna/
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My broad area of research is equilibrium and nonequilibrium statistical mechanics. In recent years my research has focussed on statistical mechanics of semiflexible polymers with a view to understanding the role of elasticity of biopolymers in, for instance, packaging of DNA molecules in the cell nucleus. Single molecule experiments on biopolymers provides a natural context for such studies. Some of my recent research interest has been in the area of interferometric effects in classical and quantum optics with a view to understanding issues related to classical and quantum information theory.

Selected publications -
1 Decoherence at Absolute Zero
Supurna Sinha
[Physics Letters A  228 1 (1997)]
2 Writhe distribution of Stretched Polymers
Supurna Sinha
[Physical Review E 70 011801 (2004)]
3 Surface tension and the cosmological constant
Joseph Samuel and Supurna Sinha,
[Physical Review Letters 97 161302 (2006)]
4 Non-local geometric phase in two-photon interferometry
Anthony Martin (LPMC), Olivier Alibart (LPMC), Jean-Christoph Flesch (LPMC),
Joseph Samuel, Supurna Sinha, Sébastien Tanzilli (LPMC), Anders Kastberg (LPMC)
[Europhysics Letters 97 (2012) 10003]
5 Statistical mechanics of bent twisted ribbons
Supurna Sinha, Joseph Samuel
[Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 25 465102 (2013)]