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Ruckmongathan T N
Office phone : 9480836213
Email : ruck
Webpage : www.rri.res.in/~ruck/
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* Display devices
* Methods to drive displays
* Liquid crystal displays
* Addressing techniques to drive liquid crystal display
* Signal processing
* Image processing

  Selected publications
  1 A generalized addressing technique for RMS responding matrix LCDs,
T.N. Ruckmongathan
Proc. IDRC, pp 80-85, 1988.
  2 Reducing Power Consumption in Liquid-Crystal Displays,
T. N. Ruckmongathan, M. Govind and G. Deepak,
IEEE transactions on Electron Devices, Vol.53, No.7, pp 1559-1566, July 2006.
  3 Line-by-Line Addressing of RMS Responding Matrix Displays with Wavelets   T. N. Ruckmongathan,V. Arun and B.H. Kumar,
IEEE/OSA Journal of Display Technology, Vol. 3. No. 4, pp 413-420, December 2007.
  4 A Successive Approximation Technique for Displaying Gray Shades in Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs),
T. N. Ruckmongathan,
IEEE transactions on Image Processing, Vol.16, No.2, pp 554-561, February 2007.
  5 Cross pairing of select and data voltages to display grayscales in liquid crystal displays,
T. N. Ruckmongathan,
IEEE/OSA Journal of Display Technology, Vol. 7, No. 12, 633-635, 2011.
  1 Temkar N Ruckmongathan, Addressing Techniques of Liquid Crystal Displays, Wiley SID series ISBN: 978-1-119-94045-6 to be published in October 2014
  1 8487855 System and method to drive display matrix
  2 8115717 Method and system for line by line addressing of RMS responding display matrix with wavelets

8081179 Method to display gray shades in RMS responding matrix display

  4 8111228 Method and device to optimize power consumption in liquid crystal display