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Ranjini Bandopadhyay
Associate Professor-II
Office phone : 9480836210
Email : ranjini
Webpage :http://ranjinibandyopadhy.wix.com/complexfluids
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Our group mainly uses static and dynamic light scattering, ultrasound attenuation spectroscopy and stress-controlled rheometry to study the structure, dynamics and rheology of non-Newtonian fluids and soft glassy materials. One of the objectives of our research is to uncover flow-structure correlations in sheared complex fluids. We are, at present, trying to understand the unsteady rheology of jammed colloidal suspensions by quantifying the irregular shear flows seen in these materials using the standard tools of nonlinear dynamics. Another recent research direction involves the high-speed tracking of instabilities at the interface between a Newtonian and an aging, non-Newtonian fluid. We have recently set up table-top experiments to understand the competition between aging and rejuvenation in soft glassy suspensions. Using ultrasound spectroscopy and direct visualization, we have undertaken a detailed study on the sedimentation of colloidal gels under gravity. We are also working on using copolymer micelles as efficient candidates for controlled, targeted drug delivery and are studying the ion-induced formation and the subsequent rupture of polysaccharide hydrogels. We have also recently started working on the physics of vibrated granular media. Our group collaborates often with engineers and theoretical physicists working in the areas of statistical mechanics and materials science.
Selected publications
1 Fragility and the dynamic slowing down process: similarities between soft colloidal glasses and supercooled liquids,
Debasish Saha, Yogesh M. Joshi and Ranjini Bandyopadhyay
Soft Matter, 10, 3292 (2014).
2 Use of ultrasound attenuation spectrocopy to determine the size distribution of clay tactoids in aqueous suspensions,
Samim Ali and Ranjini Bandyopadhyay
Langmuir, 29, 12663 (2013).
3 The encapsulation of hydrophobic drugs in Pluronic F127 micelles: the effects of drug hydrophobicity, solution temperature and pH,
Rajib Basak and Ranjini Bandyopadhyay
Langmuir, 29, 4350 (2013).
4 Stress relaxation in aging soft colloidal glasses,
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Soft Matter, 6, 1462, 2010.
5 Speckle visibility spectroscopy : a tool to study time-varying dynamics,
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Rev. Scientific Instrum. 76, 093110, (2005).
6 Enhanced elasticity and soft glassy rheology of a thermotropic liquid crystal suspended in a random environment,
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7 Evolution of local dynamics in an aging colloidal glass formed by charged nanoscopic disks,
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