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Papers in Journals
1 Electro-optical and dielectric properties of CdSe quantum dots and 6CHBT liquid crystals composites
Singh UB*; Dhar R*; Pandey AS*; Kumar, Sandeep; Dabrowski R*; Pandey MB*
AIP Advances 4, 117112, 2014
2 Ultrathin films of TiO2 nanoparticles at interfaces
Choudhary, Keerti; Manjuladevi, V; Gupta, Raj; Bhattacharyya, Partha; Hazra, Arnab; Kumar, Sandeep
Langmuir, 31, 1385, 2015
3 Synthesis and characterization of novel azobenzene-based mesogens and their organization at air-water and air-solid interfaces
Gupta, Monika; Agarwal, Nishtha; Arora, Ashima; Kumar, Sandeep; Sheet, Gautam; Kumar Pal, Santanu
RSC Advances 4, 41371-41377, 2014
4 Graphene–platinum nanocomposite as a sensitive and selective voltammetric sensor for trace level arsenic quantification
Kempegowda R; Antony, Dhason; Malingappa P
International Journal of Smart and Nano Materials 5,17-32, 2014
5 Dynamics of membrane tethers reveal novel aspects of cytoskeleton-membrane interactions in axons
Datar, Anagha; Bornschogol, Thomas*; Bassereau, Patricia*; Prost, Jacques*; Pullarkat, Pramod A
Biophysical Journal 108, 489-497, 2015
6 Effect of cadmium selenide quantum dots on the dielectric and physical parameters of ferroelectric liquid crystal
Singh DP*; Gupta SK*; Manohar R*; Varia MC; Kumar, Sandeep; Kumar A
Journal of Applied Physics 116, 034106, 2014
7 Effect of smectic short-range order on the discontinuous anchoring transition in nematic liquid crystals
Sai, D Venkata*; Kumar, Arun T*; Haase W*; Roy, Arun*; Dhara, Surajit
Journal of Chemical Physics 141, 044706, 2014
8 In situ fabrication of electrochemically grown mesoporous metallic thin films by anodic dissolution in deep eutectic solvents
Renjith, Anu; Roy, Arun; Lakshminarayanan V
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 426, 270-279, 2014
9 Pattern formation in Langmuir-Blodgett films of tricycloquinazoline based discotic liquid crystal molecules
Karthik C*; Manjuladevi V*; Gupta RK*; Kumar, Sandeep
Journal of Molecular Structure 1070, 52-57, 2014
10 Self-assembled ordering of single-walled carbon nanotubes in a lyotropic liquid crystal system
Vijayaraghavan D
Journal of Molecular liquids 199, 128-132, 2014
11 4-[2-(Trimethylsilyl)ethynyl]benzoates: synthesis and evaluation for mesomorphic properties of some novel calamitic molecules
Srinivasa HT; Hariprasad S*
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 774, 19-25, 2014
12 6-Cyanonaphthalen-2-yl 4-hexylbenzoate
Rahman, ML; Srinivasa, HT; Mashitah MY; Kwong HC; Quah CK
Acta Cryst E70, o620, 2014
13 6-(Hex-5-enyloxy)naphthalene-2-carboxylic acid
Rahman, ML; Srinivasa, HT; Mashitah MY; Kwong, HC; Quah CK
Acta Cryst E 70, o696, 2014
14 One step preparation of "ready to use" Au@Pd nanoparticle modified surface using Deep eutectic solvents and a study of its electrocatalytic properties in methanol oxidation reaction
Renjith, Anu; Lakshminarayanan V
Journal of Materials Chemistry A3, 3019, 2015
15 Anti-fouling response of gold-carbon nanotubes composite for enhanced ethanol electrooxidation
Siddhardha, Sai RS*; Kumar, Manne Anupam*; Lakshminarayanan V; Ramamurthy, Sai Sathish*
Journal of Power Sources 271, 305-311, 2014
16 Effect of lateral substituent and chain length on mesomorphic properties of novel alkoxy benzyloxy benzoates of cyanophenyl rod-shaped compounds
Srinivasa HT; Venkatesha MA*; Madhusudana, Reddy MB*
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 119, 1887, 2015
17 Synthesis and characterization of napthalene-based banana-shaped liquid crystals for photoswitching properties
Rahman, Md Luftor*; Yuso Mashitah, Mohd*; Hegde, Gurumurthy*; Malek MN FA*; Samah NA*; Srinivasa HT; Kumar, Sandeep
Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society 61, 571-577, 2014
18 Reduced ionic contaminations in CdSe quantum dot dispersed ferroelectric liquid crystal and its applications
Singh, Dharmendra Pratap*; Gupta, Swadesh Kumar*; Tripathi, Prachi* ; Varia MC; Kumar, Sandeep; Manohar, Rajiv*
Liquid Crystals 41, 1356, 2014
19 Effect of dispersion of gold nanoparticles on the optical and electrical properties of discotic liquid crystal
Supreet; Pratibha R; Kumar, Sandeep; Raina KK*
Liquid Crystals 41, 933-939, 2014
20 Birefringence of a normal human red blood cell and related optomechanics in an optical trap
Nagesh BV; Yogesha; Pratibha R; Praveen P; Shruthi SL; Sarbari B; Sharath A
Journal of Biomedical Optics 19, 115004, 2014
21 Possible influence of layer deformation and chiral segregation on dielectric modes in the dark conglomerate liquid crystal
Deepa GB; Radhika S; Sadashiva BK; Pratibha R
ChemPhysChem 16, 825, 2015
22 Effect of octadecylamine-functionalised SWCNTs on the elastic constants and electro-optic response of a liquid crystal
Kumar, Jitendra*; Manjuladevi V*; Gupta RK*; Kumar, Sandeep
Liquid Crystals 42, 361-369, 2015
23 Role of actin filaments in correlating nuclear shape and cell spreading
Vishavkarma, Renu; Raghavan, Swetavalli; Kuyyamudi, Chandrashekar; Majumder, Abhijit*; Dhawan, Jyotsna*;
Pullarkat, Pramod A
PLOS One 9, 107895, 2014
24 Structural investigation of resorcinol based symmetrical banana mesogens by XRD, NMR and polarization measurements
Reddy, M Kesava*; Varathan E*; Jacintha B*; Lobo, Nitin P*; Roy, Arun; Narasimhaswamy T*; Ramanathan KV*
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17, 5236-5247, 2015
25 Chiral symmetry breaking dictated by electric-field-driven shape transitions of nucleating conglomerate domains in a bent-core liquid crystal
Deepa GB; Pratibha R
Physical Review E 89, 042504, 2014
26 Comment on `Origin of tilted-phase generation in systems of ellipsoidal molecules with dipolar interactions'
Madhusudana NV
Physical Review E 89, 046501, 2014
27 Synthesis and photoswitching properties of liquid crystals derived from myo-inositol
Rahman, Md Lutfor*; Youso, Mashitha Mohd*; Kumar, Sandeep
RSC Advances 4, 35089, 2014
28 Effect of dispersed colloidal gold nanoparticles on the electrical properties of a columnar discotic liquid crystal
Mishra, Mukesh*; Kumar, Sandeep; Dhar, Ravindra*
RSC Advances 4, 62404, 2014
29 Stacking of ultra-thin reduced graphene oxide nanoparticles in supramolecular structures for optoelectronic applications
Kumar, Manish; Kumar, Sandeep
RSC Advances 5, 14871, 2015
30 Luminescent CdTe quantum dots incarcerated in a columnar matrix of discotic liquid crystals for optoelectronic applications
Kumar, Manish; Kumar, Sandeep
RSC Advances 5, 1262-1267, 2015
31 Investigation of the dynamical slowing down process in soft glassy colloidal suspensions: comparisons with supercooled liquids
Saha, Debasish; Joshi, Yogesh M*; Bandyopadhyay, Ranjini Soft Matter 10, 3292-3300, 2014
32 Formation and rupture of Ca2+ induced pectin biopolymer gels
Basak R; Bandyopadhyay, Ranjini
Soft Matter 10, 7225-7233, 2014
33 A dynamic light scattering study and DLVO analysis of physicochemical interactions in colloidal suspensions of charged disks
Saha D; Bandyopadhyay Ranjini; Joshi YM
Langmuir 31 (10), 3012–3020, 2015
34 Dislocations and metastable chevrons in the electroconvective inplane normal roll state of a bent core nematic liquid crystal
Krishnamurthy, Kanakapura S*; Tadapatri, Pramod; Viswanath P*
Soft Matter 10, 7316-7327, 2014
35 Cyclodextrin inclusion complexes with thiocholesterol and their self-assembly on gold: A combined electrochemical and lateral force microscopy analysis
Pandey, Rakesh K*; Lakshminarayanan V
Thin Solid Films 562, 367-371, 2014
36 Thin film of Palladium nanodendrites supported on graphite electrode for catalyzing the oxidation of small organic molecules
Pandey, Rakesh K; Patnaik S; Lakshminarayanan V
Catalysis Letters 144, 965-970, 2014
37 Synthesis, characterization and nonlinear optical studies of novel blue-light emitting room temperature truxene discotic liquid crystals
Vinayakumara; Kumar, Manish; Sreekanth P; Philip, Reji; Kumar, Sandeep
RSC Advances, 5, 26596, 2015
In Conference Proceedings
1 Addressing techniques of liquid crystal displays Ruckmongathan TN
Wiley Publishers ISBN: 978-1-119-94045-6, 2014
2 Orientational order parameter measurements of discotic liquid crystal
Kaur, Supreet; Raina KK*; Kumar, Sandeep; Pratibha R
Proceedings of the 58th DAE Solid State Physics Symposium;
Thapar University, Patiala, Punjab, India, 17-21 December 2013
AIP Conference Proceedings 1591, 180, 2014
3 Formation of H-type liquid crystal dimer at air-water interface
Karthik C; Gupta, Adbhut; Joshi, Aditya; Manjuladevi V; Gupta, Raj Kumar; Varia, Mahesh C; Kumar, Sandeep
AIP Conference Proceedings 1591, 1036, 2014
Book Chapters/Reviews
1 Design concepts and synthesis of discotic liquid crystals in the Handbook of Liquid
Kumar, Sandeep
Crystal, Wiley-VCH, 4, 467-520, 2014
2 Ionic Discotic Liquid Crystals: Recent Advances and Applications
Pal SK; Kumar, Sandeep
Biosensors Nanotechnology, WILEY Scrivener Publishing LLC, chapter 9, 2014
3 Liquid Crystalline 1D and 2D Carbon Materials
Bisoyi, Hari K; Kumar, Sandeep; Li, Quan
Nanoscience with Liquid Crystals: From Self-Organized Nanostructures to Applications (Springer), chapter 3, 2014
In Press
Papers in Journals
1 Effects of copper nanoparticles on the thermodynamic, electrical and optical properties of a disc-shaped liquid crystalline material showing columnar phase
Yaduvanshi, Priti; Kumar, Sandeep; Dhar, Ravindra
Phase Transition, 88, 1-5, 2015
2 The influence of lateral substituents on the occurrence of a transition between two polar smectic phases with antiferroelectric properties
Radhika S; Murthy, Keshava RN; Sadashiva BK; Pratibha R
Liquid Crystals
3 Evaluation of the exfoliation and stability of Na-montmorillonite in aqueous dispersions
Ali, Samim; Bandyopadhyay, Ranjini
Applied Clay Science, 114, pp 85-92, 2015
In Conference Proceedings
1 Electro-optic and dielectric studies on quantum dot doped nematic liquid crystal
Kumar, Jitendra; Gupta RK; Kumar, Sandeep; Manjuladevi V
Macromolecular Symposia International Conference on Soft Materials- ICSM2014; Editor: Kamlendra Awasthi
Book Chapters/Reviews
1 Discotic liquid crystalline dimers: Chemistry and Applications
Setia, Shilpa; Kumar, Sandeep; Kumar Pal, Santanu
Advanced Materials Book Series, WILEY-Scrivener Publisher
2 Nanoparticles in Discotic Liquid Crystals
Kumar, Sandeep
In “Liquid crystals with nano and microparticles”, World Scientific
3 Liquid crystalline polymers derived from disc-shaped molecules
Kumar, Sandeep
In Encyclopedia of Polymers and Composites
Sandeep, Springer
4 Discotic liquid crystalline polymers: emerging applications
Singh, Harpreet; Kumar, Sandeep; Pal, Santanu Kumar
Liquid Crystalline Polymer : Advances & Applications, Springer
* denotes co-authors who do not belong to RRI
+ denotes Visiting Professors of RRI