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Papers in Journals
1 Elecrochemical determination of ethanol by a palladium modified Graphene Nanocomposite glassy carbon electrode
Anupam Kumar, Manne*; Gourang Patnaik, Sai*; Lakshminarayanan V ; Ramamurthy, Sai Sathish*
Analytical Letters 50, 350-363, 2017
2 Self-Assembly of silver and gold nanoparticles in a metal-free phthalocyanine liquid crystalline matrix: structural, thermal, electrical and nonlinear optical characterization
Ashwath Narayana, Gowda; Kumar, Manish ; Thomas, Anitta Rose ; Philip, Reji ; Kumar, Sandeep
Chemistry Select 1, 1361-1370, 2016
3 Adsorption kinetics of phosphonic acids and proteins on functionalized Indium tin oxide surfaces using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Jagadeesh R V ; Lakshminarayanan V
Electrochimica Acta 197, 1-9, 2016
4 Aggregation and stability of anisotropic charged clay colloids in aqueous medium in the presence of salt
Ali, Samim ; Bandyopadhyay, Ranjini
Farady Discussions 186, 455-471, 2016
5 Photo-induced characteristics of azobenzene based gold nanoparticles
Yuvaraj A R ; Lutfor, Rahman M* ; Yosof, Mashitah M* ; Kumar, Sandeep
IET Micro & Nano Letters 12, 201-204, 2017
6 High electrocatalytic oxidation of folic acid at carbon paste electrode bulk modified with iron nanoparticle-decorated multiwalled carbon nanotubes and its application in food and pharmaceutical analysis
D’Souza, Ozma J* ; Mascarenhas, Ronald J*; Dhason A ; +4 Co-authors
Ionics 23, 201, 2017
7 Existence of polar switching in the nematic and orthogonal smectic phases in novel four-ring bent-core compounds
Turlapati, Srikanth* ; Khan, Raj Kumar* ; Ghosh, Sharmistha* ; Tadapatri, Pramod ; Prathibha R ; Rao, Nandiraju V S*
Journal of Applied Physics 120, 174101, 2016
8 Human centromeric CENP-A chromatin is a homotypic, octameric nucleosome at all cell cycle points
Nechemia-Arbely, Yael*; Soni, Gautam V ; +11 Co-authors
Journal of Cell Biology 216, 607, 2017
9 Synthesis of new liquid crystals embedded gold nanoparticles for photoswitching properties
Rahman, Md Lutfor* ; Biswas, Tapan Kumar*; Sarkar, Shaheen M* ; Yusoff, Mashitah Mohd*; Yuvraj A R ; Kumar, Sandeep
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 478, 384-393, 2016
10 Amperometric sensor based on multi-walled carbon nanotube and poly (Bromocresol purple) modified carbon paste electrode for the sensitive determination of L-tyrosine in food and biological samples
Shrestha, Siddharth* ; Mascarenhas, Ronald J*; D’Souza, Ozma J* ; Satpati, Ashis K* ; Mekhalif, Zineb* ; Dhason A ; Martis, Praveen*
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 778, 32-40, 2016
11 Observing the emergence of phase biaxiality in a polar smectic A system via polarised Raman spectroscopy
Zhang A* ; Kaur S* ; Kumdu, Brindaban* ; Sadashiva B K ; Gleeson H F*
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5, 1195, 2017
12 Synthesis and comparative studies of phase transition behaviour of new dimeric liquid crystals consisting of dimethyluracil and biphenyl cores
AbdulKarim-Talaqa. Mohammad*; Srinivasa H T ; Sie-Tiong, Ha* ; Hariprasad S* ; Guan-Yeow, Yeap*
Journal of Molecular Liquids 219, 765-772, 2016
13 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of novel Schiff base liquid crystalline EDOT derivatives
Ashwath Narayana, Gowda; Roy, Arun ; Kumar, Sandeep
Journal of Molecular Liquids 225, 840, 2017
14 Synthesis mesomorphic and theoretical studies of some new unsymmetrical dimeric ethers of 6-amino-1,3-dimethyluracil and biphenyl cores
Mohammad, AbdulKarim-Talaq; Srinivasa H T ; Mohammad, Hameed Madlool*; Hariprasad S* ; Yeap, Guan-Yeow*
Journal of Molecular Structure 1117, 201-207, 2016
15 New coumarin carboxylates having trifluoromethyl, diethylamino and morpholino terminal groups: Synthesis and mesomorphic characterisatins
Srinivasa H T ; Harishkumar H N* ; Palashamurthy, B S*
Journal of Molecular Structure 1131, 97-102, 2017
16 Effect of dispersion of CdSe quantum dots on phase transition, electrical and electro-optical properties of 4PP4OB
Singh U B* ; Pandey M B* ; Dhar R* ; Verma R* ; Kumar, Sandeep
Liquid Crystals 43, 1075, 2016
17 New mesogenic compounds possessing a biphenyl ester and ether moiety comprising 1,3-dimethylbarbituric acid: synthesis, characterisation and mesomorphic studies
Mohammad, Abdulkarim-Talaq*; Srinivasa H T; Suresh, Hariprasad*; Yeap, Guan-Yeow*
Liquid Crystals 43, 1174, 2016
18 Ethylenedioxythiophene as a novel central unit for bent-core liquid crystals
Ashwath Narayana, Gowda; Kumar, Sandeep
Liquid Crystals 43, 1721-31, 2016
19 Novel oxazepinedione-derived symmetric dimers: synthesis and mesophase characterisation of seven-membered heterocyclic compounds
Mohammad, Abdulkarim-Talaq*; Srinivasa H T ; HariPrasad S* ; Yeap, Guan-Yeow*
Liquid Crystals 43, 1739-1747, 2016
20 Bulk heterojunction solar cells made from carbazole copolymer and fullerene derivative with an inserted layer of discotic material withoved efficiency
Bajpal, Manisha* ; Yadav, Neelam* ; Kumar, Sandeep ; Srivastava, Ritu* ; Dhar, Ravindra*
Liquid Crystals 44, 379-386, 2017
21 Fabrication of low noise Borosilicate glass nanopores for single molecule sensing
Bafna, Jayesha A ; Soni, V Gautam
PLOS One , 0157399, 2016
22 Charge transport in a liquid crystalline triphenylene polymer monolayer at air-solid interface
Gayathri H N* ; Kumar, Bharat* ; Suresh K A* ; Bisoyi, Hari Krishna*; Kumar, Sandeep
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18, 12101, 2016
23 Stability of the sectored morphology of polymer crystallites
Alageshan, Jaya Kumar; Hatwalne, Yeshodhan; Muthukumar, Murugappan*
Physical Review E 94, 032506, 2016
24 Elasticity of smectic liquid crystals with in-plane orientational order and dispiration asymmetry
Alageshan, Jaya Kumar; Chakrabarti, Buddhapriya*; Hatwalne, Yashodhan
Physical Review E 95, 022701, 2017
25 Liquid crystals in photovoltaics: a new generation of organic photovoltaics
Kumar, Manish ; Kumar, Sandeep
Polymer Journal 49, 85-11, 2017
26 Synchronization of conformational chirality in mixtures of achiral bent-core molecules
Anjali S ; Pratibha R
RSC Advances 6, 53830, 2016
27 Oscillatory extensional rheology of microscale fluid filaments
Paul, Sagnik* ; Kalelkar, Chirag ; Pullarkat, Pramod A
Rheologica Acta 56, 113-122, 2017
28 Observation of the Chiral and Achiral hexatic phases of self-assembled Micellar polymers
Pal, Antara ; Kamal, Md. Arif ; Raghunathan V A
Scientific Reports 6, 32313, 2016
29 Effect of high concentration of colloidal gold nanoparticles on the thermodynamic, optical, and electrical properties of 2, 3, 6, 7, 10exabutyloxytryphenylene discotic liquid crystalline material
Mishra, Mukesh* ; Kumar, Sandeep ; Dhar, Ravindra*
Soft Materials 15, 34-44, 2017
30 Pseudo-polar tilted smectic phases exhibited by bent-core hockey stick shaped molecules
Malkar, Deepshika ; Sadashiva B K ; Roy, Arun
Soft Matter 12, 4960, 2016
31 Cellular structures arising from viscoelastic phase separation in binary mixtures of thermotropic liquid crystals
Anjali S ; Pratibha R
Soft Matter 13, 2330, 2017
32 Enhanced liquid crystal properties in symmetric ethers containing the oxazepine core: synthesis and characterization of seven member heterocyclic dimers
Mohammad, Abdulkarim-Talaq*; Srinivasa H T ; Hariprasad S* ; Yeap, Guan-Yeow*
Tetrahedron 72, 3948, 2016
33 Gold nanoparticles in plastic columnar discotic liquid crystalline material
Mishra, Mukesh* ; Kumar, Sandeep ; Dhar, Ravindra*
Thermochimica Acta 631, 59-70, 2016
In Conference Proceedings
1 Supramolecular Nanocomposites: Dispersion of zero-, one- and two-dimensional nanoparticles in discotic liquid crystals
Kumar, Sandeep
Journal of Physics : Conference Sereis 704, 012022, 2016
India-Japan Expert Group Meeting on Biomolecular Electronics & Organic
Nanotechnology for Environment Preservation (IJEGMBE 2015)23-26 December 2015, Fukuoka, Japan,, 2016
Book Chapter
1 Nanoparticles in discotic liquid crystals
Kumar, Sandeep
Book Chapter from Liquid crystals with Nano and Microparticles Vol-2 Ed by Lagerwall
J P F & Scalia, G published by World Scientific., 2016
Book Publication
1 Liquid crystal dimers
Pal, Santanu Kumar* ; Kumar, Sandeep
Book Published by Cambridge University Press, ISBN 1107157595, 2017
* denotes co-authors who do not belong to RRI
+ denotes Visiting Professors of RRI
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