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Papers in Journals
1 Liquid/single crystal structure analysis: synthesis and characterization of a Trimethylsilyl derived rod shaped Mesogen
Srinivasa HT; Palakshamurthy BS*; Velmurugan D*; Devarajegowda HC*; Hariprasad S*
Acta Chimica Slovenica 62, 768-774, 2015
2 Crystal structure of bis-(4-meth-oxy-phenyl) malonate
Devarajegowd HC*; Suchetan PA*; Sreenivasa S*; Srinivasa HT; Palakshamurthy BS*
Acta Crystallogr E Crystallogr Communications E71, 0330, 2015
3 Crystal structure of 4-meth-oxy-phenyl 2-oxo-2H-chromene-3-carboxyl-ate
Devarajegowda HC*; Suchetan PA*; Sreenivasa S*; Srinivasa HT; Palakshamurthy BS*
Acta Crystallographica section E Crystallographic Communications E71, 0374, 2015
4 Crystal structure of 4-bromo-phenyl-2-oxo-2H-chromene-3-carboxyl-ate
Devarajegowda HC*; Suchetan PA*; Srinivasa HT; Sreenivasa S*; Palakshamurthy BS*
Acta Crystallographica section E Crystallographic Communications E71, 0326, 2015
5 Advanced Glycation-modified human serum albumin evokes alterations in membrane and eryptosis in erythrocytes
Awasthi, Saurabh*; Gayathri SK*; Ramya R*; Duraichelvan R; Dhason A; Saraswathi NT*
Applied Biochemistry Biotechnology 177, 1013-1024, 2015
6 Evaluation of the exfoliation and stability of Na-montmorillonite in aqueous dispersions
Ali, Samim; Bandyopadhyay, Ranjini
Applied Clay Science 114, 85-92, 2015
7 Tuning phase retardation behaviour of nematic liquid crystal using quantum dot
Gupta, Swadesh kumar*; Singh, Dharmendra Pratap*; Manohar, Rajiv*; Kumar, Sandeep
Current Applied Physics 16, 79-82, 2016
8 Characteristics of the secondary relaxation process in soft colloidal suspensions
Saha, Debasish ; Joshi, Yogesh M* ; Bandyopadhyay, Ranjini
Europhysics Letters 112, 46004, 2015
9 Ultra-low casting of Pt based nano-ink for electrooxidation of glycerol and ethylene glycol fuels in alkaline medium
Siddhardha, Sai RS*; Teja, Brahma MS*; Tejkiran PJ*; Lakshminarayanan V; + 4 Co-authors
Fuel 158, 659-663, 2015
10 Kinetics of the glass transition of fragile soft colloidal suspensions
Saha, Debasish; Joshi, Yogesh M*; Bandyopadhyay, Ranjini
Journal of Chemical Physics 143, 214901, 2015
11 Ultra-selective dopamine detection in an excess of ascorbic acid and uric acid using pristine palladium nanoparticles decorated graphendified glassy carbon electrode
Kumar, Manne Anupam*; Siddhardha, RS Sai*; Nived KC*; Lakshminarayanan V; Ramamurthy, Sai Satish*
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 162, H651, 2015
12 Enhancement in the thermodynamic, electrical and optical properties of hexabutoxytriphenylene due to copper nanoparticles
Yaduvanshi, Priti*; Mishra, Avneesh*; Kumar, Sandeep; Dhar, Ravindra*
Journal of Molecular Liquids 208, 160-164, 2015
13 Aggregates of single-walled carbon nanotube bundles in a surfactant solution
Vijayaraghavan D
Journal of Molecular Liquids 209, 440-446, 2015
14 Naphthalene derivatives induce Acyl chain interdigitation in dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine bilayers
Kamal, Md. Arif; Raghunathan VA
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 120, 164-172, 2016
15 Spot-free catalysis using gold carbon nanotube & gold graphene composites for hydrogenevolution reaction
Siddhardha, Sai R S* ; Lakshminarayanan, V ; Ramamurthy, Sai Sathish*
Journal of Power Sources 288, 441-450, 2015
16 Monolayer to interdigitated partial bilayer smectic c transition in Thiophene-based Spacer Mesogens: x-ray diffraction and (13)c nuclear magnetic resonance studies
Reddy, Kesava M*; Varathan E*; Lobo, Nitin P*; Roy, Arun; Narasimhaswamy T*; Ramanathan KV*
Langmuir 31, 10831, 2015
17 Dynamic light scattering study and DLVO analysis of physicochemical interactions in colloidal suspensions of charged disks
Saha, Debasish; Bandyopadhyay, Ranjini; Joshi, Yogesh M*
Langmuir 31, 3012, 2015
18 The influence of lateral substituents on the occurrence of a transition between two polar smectic phases with antiferroelectric properts
Radhika S; Keshava Murthy RN; Sadashiva BK; Pratibha R
Liquid Crystals 42, 1043-1058, 2015
19 Influence of CdSe quantum dot on molecular/ionic relaxation phenomenon and change in physical parameters of ferroelectric liquid crystal
Singh DP*; Gupta SK*; Pandey S*; Vimal T*; Varia MC; Kumar, Sandeep; Manohar S*; Manohar R*
Liquid Crystals 42, 1159, 2015
20 Effect of silver nanoparticles on frequency and temperature-dependent electrical parameters of a discotic liquid crystalline material
Yaduvanshi, Priti*; Mishra, Avneesh*; Kumar, Sandeep; Dhar, Ravindra
Liquid Crystals 42, 1478-89, 2015
21 Symmetric 3,5-pyrazole and isoxazole heterocycles comprising a bent core unit: Synthesis and mesomorphic characterisation
Hariprasad S*; Srinivasa HT
Liquid Crystals 42, 1612-1620, 2015
22 Dye-sensitised solar cells with iodine-free discotic electrolytes
Krishnan Selvaraj, Ananda Rama; Lakshminarayanan V; Dhar, Ravindra*; Kumar, Sandeep
Liquid Crystals 42, 1815-1822, 2015
23 Dipolar origin of tilting of rod-like molecules in the smectic C phase
Madhusudana NV
Liquid Crystals 42, 840-863, 2015
24 Synthesis and characterisation of novel isoxazole-based banana liquid crystals from naturally occurring curcumin
Gowda, Ashwath Narayana; Roy, Arun; Kumar, Sandeep
Liquid Crystals 43, 175-182, 2016
25 Bulk heterojunction solar cells based on self-assembling disc-shaped liquid crystalline material
Bajpai, Manisha*; Yadav, Neelam*; Kumar, Sandeep; Srivastava, Ritu*; Dhar, Ravindra*
Liquid Crystals 43, 305-313, 2015
26 Fast response in TN liquid-crystal cells: effect of functionalised carbon nanotubes
Kumar, Jitendra*; Manjuladevi V*; Gupta, Raj Kumar*; Kumar, Sandeep
Liquid Crystals 43, 488-496, 2016
27 The chemistry of bent-core molecules forming nematic liquid crystals
Kumar, Sandeep; Gowda, Ashwath Narayana
Liquid Crystals Reviews 3, 99-145, 2015
28 Electro-optic and dielectric studies on quantum dot doped nematic liquid crystal
Kumar, Jitendra*; Gupta RK*; Kumar, Sandeep; Manjuladevi V*
Macromolecular Symposia 357, 47–51, 2015
29 Tailoring of cholesteric plane spacing, dielectric relaxation and optical properties of high temperature chiral nematic phase by UV irradiation
Singh, Dharmendra Pratap*; Vimal, Tripti*; Gupta, Swadesh Kumar*; Varia MC*; Kumar, Sandeep; +3 Co-authors
Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals 625, 1-10, 2016
30 Effects of copper nanoparticles on the thermodynamic, electrical and optical properties of a disc-shaped liquid crystalline material showing columnar phase
Yaduvanshi, Priti*; Kumar, Sandeep; Dhar, Ravindra*
Phase Transitions 88, 489-502, 2015
31 Electron transporting organic materials with an exceptional large scale homeotropic molecular orientation
Zhao, Huan*; He, Zhiqun*; Xu, Min*; Liang, Chunjun*; Kumar, Sandeep
Phys.Chem.Chem.Phys. 18, 8554, 2016
32 Solvatochromism of tricycloquinazoline based disk-shaped liquid crystal: A potential molecular probe for fluorescence imaging
Karthik C*; Manjuladevi V*; Gupta, Raj Kumar*; Kumar, Sandeep
RSC Advances 5, 84592, 2015
33 Self-assembly of thiolated graphene oxide onto a gold surface and in the supramolecular order of discotic liquid crystals
Shivanandareddy, Avinash B; Kumar, Manish; Lakshminarayanan V; Kumar, Sandeep
RSC Advances 5, 47692, 2015
34 Cadmium selenide quantum dots for the amelioration of the properties of a room temperature discotic liquid crystalline material
Yadav, Neelam*; Kumar, Sandeep; Dhar, Ravindra*
RSC Advances 5, 78823-32, 2015
35 Synthesis of new U-shaped azobenzene liquid crystals for photoswitching properties
Rahman, Md Lutfor*; Sarkar, Shaheen M*; Yousoff, Mashitah M*; Kumar, Sandeep; Tschierske, Carsten*
RSC Advances 5, 87019-29, 2015
36 A novel colloidal suspension of TBA+BF4–EG and its applications as a soft solid electrolyte
Renjith, Anu*; Lakshminarayanan V
RSC Advances 5, 87956-62, 2015
37 Tubular growth and bead formation in the lyotropic lamellar phase of a lipid
Bhatia, Tripta*; Hatwalne, Yashodhan; Madhusudana NV
Soft Matter 11, 5641, 2015
38 Effect of electrolyte on the microstructure and yielding of aqueous dispersions of colloidal clay
Ali, Samim; Bandyopadhyay, Ranjini
Soft Matter 12, 414, 2016
In Conference Proceedings
1 Synthesis and X-ray Studies of liquid Crystalline 2- Cyanonaphthalen-6-yl4-(3,7-Dimethyloctyloxy)-Benzoate
Usha MK*; Deepak HV*; Srinivas HT; Nanda Prakash MB*; Somashekar R*; Revannasiddaiah D*
Proceedings of 3rd National Conference on Applied Physics and Materials Science held at Vasavi College of Engineering Hyderabad, India from 7-8 August, 2015
In Press
Papers in Journals
1 Adsorption kinetics of phosphonic acids and proteins on functionalized Indium tin oxide surfaces using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Jagadeesh, Venkata R; Lakshminarayanan V
Electrochimica Acta 197, 1–9, 2016
2 Aggregation and stability of anisotropic charged clay colloids in an aqueous medium in the presence of salt
Ali, Samim; Bandyopadhyay, Ranjini
Faraday Discussions 186, 455, 2016
3 Supramolecular nanocomposites: Dispersion of zero-, one- and two dimensional nanoparticles in discotic liquid crystals
Kumar; Sandeep
J. Phys. Conf. Series 704, 012922, 2016
4 Effect of dispersion of CdSe quantum dots on phase transition, electrical and electro-optical properties of 4PP4OB
Singha UB*; Pandeya MB*; Dharb R*; Vermab R*; Kumar, Sandeep
Liquid Crystals 43, 1075, 2016
5 Charge transport in a liquid crystalline triphenylene polymer monolayer at air-solid interface
Gayathri HN*; Kumar, Bharat*; Suresh KA*; Bisoyi HK*; Kumar, Sandeep
Phys.Chem.Chem.Phys., 18, 12101-12107, 2016
6 Pseudo-polar tilted smectic phases exhibited by bent-core hockey stick shaped molecules
Malkar, Deepshika; Sadashiva BK; Roy, Arun
Soft Matter 12, 4960, 2016
7 Gold nanoparticles in plastic columnar discotic liquid crystalline material
Mishra, Mukesh*; Kumar, Sandeep; Dhar, Ravindra*
Thermochimica Acta 631, 59-70, 2016
* denotes co-authors who do not belong to RRI
+ denotes Visiting Professors of RRI