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Pratibha R
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Chirality, electric field induced phase transitions, defects and patterns in liquid crystals, Dielectric properties of polyelectrolytes, Functional liquid crystal composites
Selected publications
1 Possible influence of layer deformation and chiral segregation on dielectric modes in the dark conglomerate liquid crystal
G.B.Deepa, S. Radhika, B. K. Sadashiva and R. Pratibha
ChemPhysChem., 16,825 ( 2015)
2 Chiral symmetry breaking dictated by electric field - driven shape transitions of nucleating conglomerate domains in a bent-core liquid crystal
G.B.Deepa and R.Pratibha
Phys.Rev.E., 89, 042504 (2014)
3 Electric field induced switchable dark conglomerate phases in a bent-core liquid crystal exhibiting reverse columnar phases
G.B.Deepa, S. Radhika, B. K. Sadashiva and R. Pratibha
Phys.Rev.E., 87, 062508 (2013)
4 Tunable optical metamaterial based on liquid crystal-gold nanosphere composite
R. Pratibha, K. Park, I. I. Smalyukh and W. Park
Opt. Express, 17, 19459 (2009)
5 An orientational transition of Bent-Core molecules in an anisotropic matrix
R.Pratibha, N.V.Madhusudana and B.K.Sadashiva
Science, 288, 2184 (2000)
6 A three-dimensionally modulated structure in a chiral smectic-C liquid crystal
P.A. Pramod, R.Pratibha and N.V.Madhusudana
Curr. Science, 73, 761, (1997)