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Sourav Dutta
Office phone: 9480836166
Email : sourav
Webpage :https://sites.google.com/site/souravduttamr
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My research interest is in the physics and chemistry of atoms, ions and molecules at ultralow temperatures. We work on cooling and trapping of ultracold atoms, ions and molecules; cold collisions; creation of ultracold molecules by photoassociation and molecular ions by laser ionization; characterization and manipulation of interactions between these species; optical spectroscopy and cavity based detection of interactions. These ultralow-temperature systems are useful for studies of quantum phase transitions, quantum simulations, and are promising for quantum computing.
Selected Publications
1 Photoassociation and ionization spectroscopy of ultracold 7Li85Rb molecules, A. Altaf, Sourav Dutta, J. Lorenz, Jesús Pérez-Ríos, Yong P. Chen and D. S. Elliott,
2 Photoassociation of ultracold LiRb* molecules: observation of high efficiency and unitarity-limited rate saturation,
Sourav Dutta, J. Lorenz, A. Altaf, D. S. Elliott, and Yong P. Chen,
Physical Review A (Rapid Communications) 89, 020702(R) (2014)
3 Formation of ultracold LiRb molecules by photoassociation near the Li (2s2S1/2)+ Rb (5p2P1/2) asymptote,
Sourav Dutta, D. S. Elliott, and Yong P. Chen,
Europhysics Letters 104, 63001 (2013)
4 Mode-hop-free tuning over 135 GHz of external cavity diode lasers without anti-reflection coating,
Sourav Dutta, D. S. Elliott, and Yong P. Chen,
Applied Physics B, 106, 629-633 (2012)
5 Laser spectroscopy of the X1Σ+and B1Π states of the LiRb molecule,
Sourav Dutta, A. Altaf, D. S. Elliott, and Yong P. Chen,
Chemical Physics Letters, 511, 7-11 (2011)