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Office phone: 948083 6149/71/73
Email : sarangwala
Webpage : http://www.rri.res.in/~sarangwala

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We investigate long range interactions in cold, dilute gas ensembles. This is done by creating cold, trapped mixtures of atoms and molecules and their ion counterparts. The hybrid trap experiments we have developed, allow the simultaneous trapping and cooling of all the above species. We can then control the motional and internal quantum states of the trapped species with great precision, along with the numbers of each species present in the trap. Such experimental control allows the investigations of long range, two particle and multi-particle interactions, which allows the systematic study of systems, where the two particle interactions range from 1/r to 1/r^6. Our experimental studies focus on the stability of cold, trapped interacting mixtures, multiple collision physics between atoms and ions, light assisted collisions, atom-cavity interactions and cavity QED processes. Our present experiments focus on molecule-light and molecule-molecule interactions, atom-cavity physics and ultra-cold ion atom collisions. Experimental work is supplemented with intensive numerical simulation and analysis, and occasional theoretical work so that a well rounded understanding of physics is obtained. We are interested in almost any problem that involves interactions, which can be addressed within the experimental techniques that are standard to atomic, molecular and optical physics, non-linear and quantum optics. Prospective PhD students and Post-Doctoral researchers are requested to contact us for more information. We occasionally take project students under the RRI VSP program.
Selected publications
1 Three-dimensional lattice of ion traps,
Ravi, K and Lee, Seunghyun and Sharma, Arijit and Ray, Tridib and Werth, G and Rangwala, SA,
Physical Review A, 81, 3, 031401, 2010
2 Combined ion and atom trap for low-temperature ion--atom physics,
Ravi, K and Lee, Seunghyun and Sharma, Arijit and Werth, G and Rangwala, SA,
Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics, 107, 971, 2012
3 Cooling and stabilization by collisions in a mixed ion-atom system,
Ravi, K and Lee, Seunghyun and Sharma, Arijit and Werth, G and Rangwala, SA,
Nature communications, 3, 1126, 2012
4 Temperature measurement of laser-cooled atoms using vacuum Rabi splitting,
Ray, Tridib and Sharma, Arijit and Jyothi, S and Rangwala, SA,
Physical Review A, 87, 3, 033832, 2013
5 Measurement of collisions between rubidium atoms and optically dark rubidium ions in trapped mixtures,
Lee, Seunghyun and Ravi, K and Rangwala, SA},
Physical Review A, 87, 5, 052701, 2013
6 Hybrid ion, atom and light trap,
Jyothi, S and Ray, Tridib and Ram, N Bhargava and Rangwala, SA,
arXiv preprint arXiv:1312.2715, 2013