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Reji Philip
Office Phone: 9480836170
Email : reji
Webpage : www.rri.res.in/~reji/
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My research interests are in (i) ultrafast laser-induced plasmas, (ii) ultrafast dynamics, and (iii) nonlinear optical properties of nanostructured materials. The ultrafast and nonlinear optics (UNO) lab is well equipped to conduct experimental research in these areas.The workhorse of the UNO lab is a regeneratively amplified Ti:Sapphire laser which gives 10 mJ, 100 fs pulses at 800 nm.Ê Apart from Ph.D. students, the UNO lab accepts a limited number of motivated visiting students every year after careful scrutiny of their academic credentials.
Selected Publications
1 Time of flight emission spectroscopy of laser produced nickel plasma:  Short-  pulse and ultrafast   excitations N. Smijesh, K. Chandrasekharan, J.C. Joshi, R. Philip
Journal of Applied Physics 116, 013301 (2014)
2 Emission dynamics of an expanding ultrafast-laser produced Zn plasma under different ambient pressures N. Smijesh, R. Philip
Journal of Applied Physics 114, 093301 (2013)
3 Spectral dispersion of ultrafast optical limiting in Coumarin-120 by white-light continuum Z-scan
B. Anand, N. Roy, S.S.S. Sai, R. Philip
Applied Physics Letters 102, 203302 (2013)
4 Optical diode action from axially asymmetric nonlinearity in an all-carbon solid-state device
B. Anand, R. Podila, K. Lingam, S.R. Krishnan, S. S. S. Sai, R. Philip, A.M. Rao
Nano Letters 13, 5771 (2013)
5 Evolution of nonlinear optical properties: from gold atomic clusters to plasmonic nanocrystals
R. Philip, P. Chantharasupawong, H. Qian, R. Jin, J. Thomas
Nano Letters 12, 4661 (2012)