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Papers in Journals
1 White light Z-scan measurements of ultrafast optical nonlinearity in reduced graphene oxide nanosheets in the 400-700 nm region
Perumbilavil, Sreekanth; Sankar, Pranitha; Rose, Priya T; Philip, Reji
Applied Physics Letters 107, 051104, 2015
2 Size dependent nonlinear optical absorption in BaTiO3 nanoparticles
Woldu, Tesfakiros*; Reneesh B*; Sreekanth P; Reddy, Ramana MV*; Philip, Reji; Kalarikkal, Nandakumar*
Chemical Physics Letters 625, 58-63, 2015
3 Nonlinear absorption and excited state dynamics of porphyrin and phthalocyanine in the presence of explosive molecules
Anusha PT*; Thomas AR*; Philip, Reji; Rao, Venugopal S*
Chemical Physics Letters 641, 23-28, 2015
4 Syntheses, spectroscopic, electrochemical and third-order nonlinear optical studies of a hybrid trisruthenium(alkynyl) / (2-phenylpyride)iridium complex
Zhao, Huajian*; Simpson, Peter V*; Philip, Reji; Roy N; +6 Co-authors
Chemistry - A European Journal 21, 11843, 2015
5 Wet chemical synthesis of diameter tuned NiO microrods: microstructural, optical and optical power limiting applications
Karthikeyan B*; Pandiyarajan T*; Hariharan S*; Ollakkan, Muhamed Shafi
CrystEngComm 18, 601, 2016
6 Weak value amplification in resonance fluorescence
Sainadh, U Satya*; Sandhya SN*; Vathsan, Radhika*; Narayanan, Andal
Current Science 109, 2002, 2015
7 Unsharp measurements and joint measurability
Karthik HS; Devi,Usha AR*; Rajagopal AK*
Current Science 109, 2061, 2015
8 Nonlinear optical property and fluorescence quenching behavior of PVP capped ZnS nanoparticles co-doped with Mn2+ and Sm3+
Prasanth S*; Irshad P*; Raj, Rithesh D*; Vineeshkumar TV*; Philip, Reji; Sundarasanakumar C*
Journal of Luminescence 166, 167-175, 2015
9 L-Glutamic acid functionalized silver nanoparticles and its nonlinear optical applications
Nidya N*; Umadevi M*; Sankar, Pranitha; Rajkumar, Beulah JM*
Journal of Materials Science 26, 4124, 2015
10 Joint measurability and temporal steering
Karthik HS; Tej, Prabhu I*; Devi, Usha AR*; Rajagopal AK*
Journal of the Optical Society of America B 32, A34, 2015
11 Nonlinear optical investigations in nine-atom silver quantum clusters and graphitic carbon nitride nanosheets
Sridharan, Kishore*; Sreekanth P; Park, Tae Joo*; Philip, Reji
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119, 16314, 2015
12 Time-delayed intensity-interferometry of the emission from ultracold atoms in a steady-state magneto-optical trap
Shafi, Muhammed K; Pandey, Deepak; Suryabrahmam, Buti; Girish BS; Ramachandran, Hema
Journal of Physics B: Molecular and Optical Physics 49, 025301, 2016
13 One-pot synthesis of silica-hybridized Ag2S-CuS nanocomposites with tunable nonlinear optical properties
Mary, Ann KA*; Unnikrishnan NV*; Philip, Reji
Materials Research Bulletin 70, 321-327, 2015
14 Extracting molecular potentials from incomplete spectroscopic information
Li, Xuan*; Dutta, Sourav
Molecular Physics 113, 3854-58, 2015
15 Ensemble effect of intrinsic defects and Mn ions on the enhancement of third order nonlinearity of ZnO nanoparticles
Dhanuskodi, Sivasubramanina*; Rajeswari, Ponnusamy*; Sreekanth P; Philip, Reji
Nanotechnolgy 25, 275702, 2015
16 Quantum defect theory description of weakly bound levels and Feshbach resonances in LiRb
Perez-Rios, Jesus*; Dutta, Sourav; Chen, Yong P*; Greene, Chris H*
New journal of Physics 17, 045021, 2015
17 l-Phenylalanine functionalized silver nanoparticles: Photocatalytic and nonlinear optical applications
Nidya M*; Umadevi M*; Sankar, Pranitha; Philip, Reji; Rajkumar, Beulah JM*
Optical Materials 42, 152, 2015
18 Synthesis, crystal structure, vibrational spectral analysis and Z-scan studies of a new organic crystal N,N’dimethylurea ninhydrin: A scaled quantum mechanical force field study
Susan John, Jerin*; Sajan D*; Umadevi T*; Chaitanya K*; Sankar, Pranitha; Philip, Reji
Optical Materials 48, 233-242, 2015
19 Ultrafast and short pulse optical nonlinearities of meso-tetrakis-(2,3,5,6-tetrafluoro-N,N,N-trimethyl-4-aniliniumyl) porphyrin and its metal complexes
Narendran, Siji NK*; Soman, Rahul*; Sankar, Paranitha; Arunkumar, Chellaiah*; Chandrasekharan K*
Optical Materials 49, 59, 2015
20 Defects related emission and nanosecond optical power limiting in CuS quantum dots
Mary, Ann KA*; Unnikrishnan NV*; Philip, Reji
Physica E 74, 151-155, 2015
21 Optical control of resonant light transmission for an atom-cavity system
Sharma, Arijit; Ray, Tridib; Sawant, Rahul V; Sheikholeslami G; Rangwala SA; Budker D*
Physical Review A 91, 043824, 2015
22 Effects of linear and quadratic dispersive couplings on optical squeezing in an optomechanical system
Sainadu, U Satya ; Kumar, Anil
Physical Review A 92, 033824, 2015
23 Measuring non-Hermitian operators via weak values
Pati, Arun Kumar*; Singh, Uttam*; Sinha, Urbasi
Physical Review A 92, 052120, 2015
24 Excited-to-excited-state scattering using weak measurements
Sainadu M, Satya*; Narayanan, Andal
Physical Review A 92, 052123, 2015
25 Optical-bistability-enabled control of resonant light transmission for an atom-cavity system
Sawant, Rahul; Rangawala SA
Physical Review A 93, 023806, 2016
26 Electric, magnetic and optical limiting (short pulse and ultrafast) studies in phase pure (1 - x)BiFeO3-xNaNbO3 multiferroic nanocomposite synthesized by the pechini method
Ummer, Rehana P*; Sreekanth P*; Raneesh B*; Philip, Reji; Rouxel, Didier*; Thomas, Sabu*; Kalarikkal, Nandakumar*
RSC Advances 5, 67157, 2015
27 Dopant-configuration controlled carrier scattering in graphene
Anand B*; Karakaya M*; Prakash G*; Sai SSS*; Philip, Reji*; Ayala P*; Srivastava A*; Sood AK*; Rao AM*; Podila R*
RSC Advances 5, 59556, 2015
28 Morphology dependent nanosecond and ultrafast optical power limiting of CdO nanomorphotypes
Thomas P*; Sreekanth P; Philip, Reji; Abraham KE*
RSC Advances 5, 35017, 2015
29 Nonlinear optical interactions of Co: ZnO nanoparticles in continuous and pulsed mode of operations
Ponnusamy R*; Sivasubramanian D*; Sreekanth P; Vinitha G*; Philip, Reji; Bhalerao GM*
RSC Advances 5, 80756, 2015
30 On the superposition principle in interference experiments
Sinha, Aninda*; Vijay, Aravind H; Sinha, Urbasi
Scientific Reports 5, 10304, 2015
31 Assessment on third order non linearity and other optical analyses of l-Asparagine Monohydrate single crystal: An efficient candidate for harmonic conversions
Thukral, Kanika*; Vijayan, N*; Haranath D*; Jayaramakrishnan V*; Philip J*; Sreekanth P; Bhagavannaryana G*
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscoy 151, 419-425, 2015
In Conference Proceedings
1 Lasing in random amplifying media
Ramachandran, Hema
Proceedings of the School on Laser Physics & Technology, Indore, India, March 12-30, 2012. Page 165-179, Ed by Pradeep Kumar Gupta and Rajeev Khare, Published by Springer, 2015
2 Time-resolved spectroscopy of CI and CII line emissions from an ultrafast laser induced solid graphite plasma
Smijesh N; Chandrasekharan K*; Philip, Reji
AIP Conference Proceedings 1620, 517, 2014
In Press
Papers in Journals
1 Influence of pulse width on the laser ablation of zinc in nitrogen ambient
Smijesh N; Rao KH; Philip, Reji
Applied Physics A 122, 460, 2016
2 Nonlinear optical properties of (1-x) CaFe2O4–xBaTiO3 composites
Woldu T*; Raneesh B*; Sreekanth P; Reddy, Ramana MV*; Philip, Reji; Kalarikkal N*
Ceramics International 42, 11093, 2016
3 Microfabrication of Fresnel zone plates by laser induced solid ablation
Rodrigues, Vanessa RM*; Thomas, John*; Santhosh, Chidangil*; Ramachandran, Hema; Mathur, Deepak*
Journal of Optics 18, 075403, 2016
4 D-A- π -D synthetic approach for thienyl chalcones – NLO – a structure activity study
Tejkiran PJ*; Teja MSB*; Kumar PSS*; Sankar P; Philip, Reji; Naveen S*; Lokanath NK*; Rao GN*
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 324, 33, 2016
5 Ultrafast laser produced zinc plasma: Stark broadening of emission lines in nitrogen ambient
Rao KH; Smijesh N; Nivas JJ; Philip, Reji
Physics of Plasmas 23, 043503, 2016
In Conference Proceedings
1 Experiments with an atom, ion, molecule hybrid trap within a Fabry-Perot cavity
Jyothi S; Ray, Tridib; Dutta, Sourav; Rangwala SA
22nd International Conference on Laser Spectroscopy, Singapore, June 28 – July 3, 2015


* denotes co-authors who do not belong to RRI
+ denotes Visiting Professors of RRI