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Papers in Journals
1 Synthesis, characterization and nonlinear optical studies of novel blue-light emitting room temperature truxene discotic liquid crystals
Vinayakumara; Kumar, Manish; Sreekanth P; Philip, Reji; Kumar, Sandeep
RSC Advances, 5, 26596, 2015
2 Dynamics of neutrals and ions in an ultrafast laser produced Zn plasma
Smijesh N; Rao, Kavya H; Philip, Reji
Physics of Plasmas 22, 033509, 2015
3 Composition-structure–physical property relationship and nonlinear optical properties of multiferroic hexagonal ErMn1−xCrxO3 nanoparticles
Raneesh B; Nandakumar K; Saha A; Das D; Soumya H; Philip J; Sreekanth P; Philip, Reji
RSC Advances 5, 12480, 2015
4 Photorefractive performances of a graphene doped PATPD/7-DCST/ECZ composite
Chantharasupawong P; Christenson CW; Philip, Reji; Zhai L; Winiarz J; Yamamoto M; Tetard L; Nair RR; Thomas J
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2, 7639, 2014
5 Role of surface states and defects in the ultrafast nonlinear optical properties of CuS quantum dots
Mary, Ann KA; Unnikrishnan NV; Philip, Reji
APL Materials 2, 076104, 2014
6 Long-range polarimetric imaging through fog
Fade, Julien*; Panigrahi, Swapnesh*; Ramachandran, Hema; + 5 Co-authors
Applied Optics 53, 3854, 2014
7 Phase-sensitive radial extraction and mass spectrometry of trapped ions in a compact geometry
Jyothi S; Ray, Tridib; Rangwala SA
Applied Physics B 118, 131-138, 2015
8 Switching of absorptive nonlinearity from reverse saturation to saturation in polymer-ZnO nanotop composite films
Haripadmam PC*; John, Honey*; Philip, Reji; Gopinath, Pramod*
Applied Physics Letters 105, 221102, 2014
9 Transition metal (Fe, Co and Ni) oxide nanoparticles grafted graphitic carbon nitrides as efficient optical limiters and recyclable photocatalysts
Sridharan, Kishore*; Kuriakose, Tintu*; Philip, Reji; Park, Tae Joo*
Applied Surface Science 308, 139, 2014
10 An Experimental test of Envariance
Vermeyden L; Ma X; Lavoie J; Bonsma M; Sinha, Urbasi; Laflamme R; Resch K
Physical Review A, 91 012120, 2015
11 Growth, structural and mechanical analysis of a single crystal of L-prolinium tartrate: a promising material for nonlinear optical applications
Thukral, Kanika*; Vijayan, N*; Singh, Budhendra ; Bdikin, Igor*; Sreekanth P; +5 Co-authors
Crystal Engineering Communications 16, 9245-9254, 2014
12 Classical light sources with tunable temporal coherence and tailored photon number distributions
Pandey, Deepak; Satapathy, Nandan; Suryabrahmam, Buti; Ivan, J Solomon; Ramachandran, Hema
European Physical Journal Plus 129, 115, 2014
13 Bonding effect of plasma-irradiated PET films can be preserved after soaking in various liquid reagents
Yokura, Miyoshi*; Uehara, Kenichi*; Hanada, Kazuya*; Philip, Reji; +7 Co-authors
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 53, 05FB21, 2014
14 Anomalous growth of multi-phased and multi-dimensional Manganese oxide-Metal (Fe, Co and Ni) oxide nanostructures: Synthesis and opticalimiting properties
Sridharan, Kishore*; Roy, Nivya*; Philip, Reji; Park, Tae Joo
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 611, 82-90, 2014
15 Time of flight emission spectroscopy of laser produced nickel plasma: Short-pulse and ultrafast excitations
Smijesh N*; Chandrasekharan K*; Joshi, Jagdish C; Philip, Reji
Journal of Applied Physics 116, 013301, 2014
16 Nanosecond and ultrafast optical power limiting in luminescent Fe2O3 hexagonal nanomorphotype
Thomas, Paulose*; Sreekanth P; Abraham KE*
Journal of Applied Physics 117, 053103, 2015
17 Enhanced optical limiting and carrier dynamics in metal oxide-hydrogen exfoliated graphene hybrids
Anand, Benoy; Kaniyoor, Adarsh; Swain, Debasis; Philip, Reji; +4 Co-authors
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2, 10116, 2014
18 Energy dependent saturable and reverse saturable absorption in cube-like polyaniline/polymethyl methacrylate film
Thekkayil, Remyamol*; Philip, Reji; Gopinath, Pramod*; John, Honey*
Materials Chemistry and Physics 146, 218-223, 2014
19 Structural and optical studies of Zn1-xCdxS quantum dots synthesized by in situ technique in PVA matrix
Vineeshkumar TV*; Raj, Rithesh D*; Prasanth S*; Unnikrishnan NV*; Philip, Reji; Sudarsanakumar C*
Optical Materials 37, 439-445, 2014
20 Spectral, thermal and optical properties of N, N'-Bis (4-chlorobenzylidene)-3, 3'-dimethoxybiphenyl-4, 4'-diamine
Subashini A*; Rose, Priya; Philip, Reji; Stoeckli-Evans, Helen*; Ramamurthi, K*; Babu, Ramesh R*
Optics and Laser Technology 66, 22-27, 2015
21 Defect engineering in ZnO nanocones for visible photoconductivity and nonlinear absorption
Kavitha MK*; Jinesh KB*; Philip, Reji; Gopinath, Pramod*; John, Honey*
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16, 25093, 2014
22 The role of defects in the nonlinear optical absorption behavior of carbon and ZnO nanostructures
Anand, Benoy*; Krishnan SR*; Podila, Ramakrishna*; Sai, S Siva Sankara*; Rao, Apparao M*; Philip, Reji
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16, 8168, 2014
23 Quantum which-way information and fringe visibility when the detector is entangled with an ancilla
Tej, J Prabhu*; Usha, Devi AR*; Karthik HS; Sudha*; Rajagopal AK*
Physical Review A 89, 062116, 2014
24 Effects of temperature and ground-state coherence decay on enhancement and amplification in a Delta atomic system
Manjappa, Manukumara; Undurti, Satya Sainadh; Karigowda, Asha; Narayanan, Andal; Sanders, Barry C
Physical Review A 90, 043859, 2014
25 Formation of deeply bound ultracold LiRb molecules via photoassociation near the Li 2S1/2+Rb 5P3/2 asymptote
Lorenz, John*; Alaf, Adeel*; Dutta, Sourav; Chen, Young P*; Elliott DS*
Physical Review A 90, 062513, 2014
26 Joint measurability, steering, and entropic uncertainty
Karthik HS; Devi, Usha AR*; Rajagopal AK*
Physical Review A 91, 012115, 2015
27 Experimental test of environment-assisted invariance
Vermeyden, L*; MA X*; Levoie J*; Bonsma M*; Sinha, Urbasi; Laflamme R*; Resch K J*
Physical Review A 91, 012120, 2015
28 Characterization of quantum dynamics using quantum error correction
Omkar S*; Srikanth R; Banerjee, Subhashish
Physical Review A 91, 012324, 2015
29 Acceleration of neutrals in a nanosecond laser produced nickel plasma
Smijesh N; Chandrasekharan K*; Philip, Reji
Physics of Plasmas 21, 123507, 2014
30 Optical and saturation behavior of thermally surface Plasmon-tuned Cu nanorod composite glasses
Udayabhaskar R*; Karthikeyan B*; Ollakkan, Muhamed Shafi
Plasmonics 9, 553, 2014
31 Two-step orthogonal-state-based protocol of quantum secure direct communication with the help of order-rearrangement technique
Yadav, Preeti*; Srikanth R; Pathak, Anirban
Quantum Information Processing 13, 2731-2743, 2014
32 Sol-gel prepared Cu2O microspheres: linear and nonlinear optical properties
Karthikeyan B*; Udayabhaskar R*; Rose, Priya; Pandiyarajan T*; Philip, Reji
RSC Advance 4, 39541, 2014
33 Cubic to amorphous transformation of Se in silica with improved ultrafast optical nonlinearity
Mary, Anna KA*; Unnikrishnan NV*; Philip, Reji
RSC Advance 5, 14034, 2015
34 Enhanced multi-phonon Raman scattering and nonlinear optical power limiting in ZnO: Au nanostructures
Udayabhasker R*; Karthikeyan B*; Sreekanth P; Philip, Reji
RSC Advances 5, 13590, 2015
35 Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of copper zinc aluminum nanoferrite particles
Lakshmi Reddy S*; Ravindra Reddy T*; Roy, Nivya*; Philip Reji; Montero, Ovidio Almanza*; Endo, Tamio*; Frost, Ray L*
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 127, 361, 2014
In Conference Proceedings
1 Thermo-optic nonlinearity of the laser dye LDS 867 under low power CW laser excitation
Mary Ann KA; Mary, Sonia EJ; Vidyadharan, Viji*; Philip, Reji; Unnikrishnan, NV*
IOP Conference Series : Materials Science and Engineering 73 p012055, 2015
2 Time-delayed Intensity-Interferometry with Light from Laser-Cooled Atoms
Shafi, Muhammed; Pandey, Deepak; Ramachandran, Hema
12th International Conference on Fiber Optics and Photonics, Kharagpur, India, 13-16 December 2014
Conference Proceedings from Optical Society of America, 2014, S5A.83
3 Time-resolved spectroscopy of CI and CII line emissions from an ultrafast laser induced solid graphite plasma
Smijesh, N; Chandrasekharan K; Philip, Reji
Light and its interactions with Matter; AIP Conference Proceedings 1620, 517, 2014
Book Chapter/Reviews
1 Annual Review of Cold Atoms and Molecules
Ed. K.W. Madison et al.
World Scientific, Ramachandran, Hema
Current Science, 107, 902, 2014
2 Lasing in random amplifying media
Ramachandran, Hema
Laser Physics and Technology, Springer Proceedings in Physics, 160, Chapter-8 p 165-180, ed. P.K. Gupta and R. Khare, Springer, 2015
In Press
Papers in Journals
1 Optical control of resonant light transmission for an atom-cavity system
Sharma, Arijit; Ray, Tridib; Sawant, Rahul V; Sheikholeslami G; Budker D; Rangwala, Sadiq
Phys Rev. A, 91, 043824, 2015
2 l-Phenylalanine functionalized silver nanoparticles: Photocatalytic and nonlinear optical applications
Nidya M; Umadevi M; Sankar P; Philip, Reji; Rajkumar BJM
Optical Materials 42, 152, 2015
3 Size dependent nonlinear optical absorption in BaTiO3 nanoparticles
T. Woldu; Raneesh B; Sreekanth P; Reddy MVR; Philip, Reji ; Kalarikkal N
Chemical Physics Letters 625, 58, 2015
4 Quantum defect theory description of weakly bound levels and Feshbach resonances in LiRb
Pérez-Ríos, Jesús*; Dutta, Sourav ; Chen, Yong P*; Greene, Chris H*
Focus Issue: Focus on New Frontiers of Cold Molecules Research
New Journal of Physics 17, 045021, 2015
5 Joint measurability and temporal steering
Karthik HS; Tej, Prabhu J; Usha Devi AR; Rajagopal AK
J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 32, A34-A39, 2015
6 On the superposition principle in interference experiments
Sinha A;Vijay AH; Sinha, Urbasi
Nature Scientific Reports, 2015


* denotes co-authors who do not belong to RRI
+ denotes Visiting Professors of RRI