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Andal Narayan
Professor, LAMP Group,
Office phone: +91 9480836160
Email : andal
Webpage : www.rri.res.in/~andal/

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My research area can be broadly classified as Quantum Optics. Through quantum optical phenomena, we are interested in understanding the nature of quantum correlation transfer between matter and light variables. In our experiments, we study quantum interactions between room temperature and/or laser cooled Alkali atoms with photons.
In these studies, our emphasis is on understanding the generation and quantification of non-linear quantum correlations at very low light intensities.
We map our results to analogous phenomena in varied architectures such as cavity opto-mechanical and circuit QED systems. We do both experimental and theoretical investigations though most of our time is spent on building good experiments.
Selected publications
1 Density Matrix approach to a strongly coupled two-component Bose-Einstein condensate.,
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2 Optical pumping and coherence effects in fluorescence from a four level system
Andal Narayanan,
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3 Tracking interacting dark states through higher order absorption resonances,
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5 Mechanical switch for state transfer in dual-cavity optomechanical systems,
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6 Effects of temperature and ground-state coherence decay on enhancement and amplification in a Delta atomic system
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