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R Subrahmanyan
Director, Professor
Office Phone: +91-80-23611012
Email : rsubrahm
Webpage : www.rri.res.in/DISTORTION     www.rri.res.in/atlbs

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Observational cosmology: My experimental astronomy research is in cosmological background radiations at meter and centimeter wavelengths. Specifically, the detection of spectral features in the cosmic radio background that originate in the Epochs of Recombination and Reionization, at redshifts from 1400 to about 6. This research is aimed at solving the problem of when and how the first stars and galaxies formed in the Universe, and how they influenced the ionization state and atomic excitations in the all-pervading gas between those stars and galaxies. I also work in Extragalactic astronomy: my interest here is in active galaxies - specifically radio galaxies Ð and their cosmological evolution. My engineering research is in Antennas and Signal Processing. Here my interest has been in the system science of radio telescopes. I have worked on antenna design, antenna performance, and interferometer theory: practice and non-ideal behaviors, digital filters.
Selected publications
1 The alignment of distant radio sources,
Vijay K. Kapahi, Ravi Subrahmanyan & Ashok K. Singal,
1985. Nature, 313, 7.
2 A transient radio source near the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy,
Jun-Hui Zhao, D.A. Roberts, W.M. Goss, D.A. Frail, K.Y. Lo, R. Subrahmanyan, M.J. Kestevan, R.D. Ekers, D.A. Allen, M.G. Burton & J. Spyromilio,
1992. Science, 255, 1538.
3 An Australia Telescope survey for CMB anisotropies,
Ravi Subrahmanyan, M. J. Kesteven, R. D. Ekers, M. Sinclair & J. Silk,
2000, Mon. Not. Royal. Astr. Soc., 315, 808
4 The genesis of morphologies in extended radio sources: X-shapes, off-axis distortions and giant radio sources, Saripalli, L.; Subrahmanyan, R.,
2009 ApJ, 695, 156 (astro-ph/0811.1907)
5 Is there an Unaccounted for Excess in the Extragalactic Cosmic Radio Background?, Subrahmanyan, Ravi; Cowsik, Ramanath,
2013 ApJ, 776, 42