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Nayantara Gupta
Associate Professor-II
Office Phone : 9480836135
Email : nayan
Webpage :
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My research area includes neutrino and gamma ray astronomy, origin and propagation of cosmic rays. I am also interested in theoretical modeling of astrophysical sources using observational data.
Selected Publications
1 p-gamma interactions in Galactic jets as a plausible origin of the positron excess
Nayantara Gupta, Diego F. Torres,
MNRAS 441, 3122 (2014)
2 Possible Proton Synchrotron Origin of X-Ray & Gamma Ray Emission in Large Scale Jet of 3C 273
Esha Kundu, Nayantara Gupta
MNRASL 444, L16-L19 (2014)
3 Galactic PeV Neutrinos
Nayantara Gupta
Astropart. Phys. 48, 75 (2013)
4 How Many of the Observed Neutrino Events Can Be Described by Cosmic Ray Interactions in the Milky Way?
Jagdish C. Joshi, Walter Winter, Nayantara Gupta,
MNRAS 439, 3414 (2014)
5 Prompt Emission of High Energy Photons from Gamma Ray Bursts
Nayantara Gupta, Bing Zhang Mon.Not.Roy.
Astron.Soc.380,78 (2007)